BindleKit SDK

BindleKit is a collection classes which simplifies a processes and add new functionality to the iOS SDK.


  • Compatible with iOS simulator and iOS devices
  • Custom UISplitViewController class which allows users to resize views.
  • Wrapper class for SCNetworkReachability functions.
  • UIButton categories which create colored button images.
  • Classes which implement Stack and Queue data structures.
  • Classes for creating caches of objects in memory.
  • Custom class which displays user selectable options in a UIPopoverController on the iPad and in an UIActionSheet on the iPhone.
  • Licensed under the Bindle Binaries Open Source license.

Software Requirements

  • OS X 10.7
  • Xcode 4.1
  • iOS 3.1
  • Git 1.7

Source Code

The source code for BindleKit is maintained using git ( The latest development source code may be checked out using the following commands:

$ git clone git://

The current development source code may be viewed at the following URLs: